China Information Industry Trade Association

China Information Industry Trade Association



CIITA (China Information Industry Trade Association) is a national non-profit social organization formed voluntarily by enterprises  related to the Information Industry in China. It was established by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China in May ,1990.


At present, it has consisted of more than 2000 member units and 21 branches:

Smart Card Professional Committee

Branch of Information Security Industry

Professional Committee of Radio and Television Cooperation

Artificial Intelligence Branch

E-Sports Branch

Internet of Things Application Branch

Electronic Distributor Branch

LED Branch

Internet Mass Innovation Branch

Big Data Industry Branch

Professional Committee of Automatic charging

New Energy Branch

Service Outsourcing Branch

Industrial Internet Branch

Agricultural Internet Branch

Integrated Media Science and Technology Branch

Financial Science and Technology Branch

Health Technology Branch


Mission and Works

Our mission is to build a platform for communication and cooperation among members of the Information Industry chain and to promote the development of the Information Industry. We accomplish above-mentioned tasks mainly through the following works:

Actively providing the Chinese government with policy recommendations of promotion the development of the Information Industry

Organizing enterprises to participate in the solicitation of opinions before many industrial policies promulgated by the Chinese government, and the suggestions put forward by many member enterprises having been absorbed and adopted.

Each year, nearly 10 annual reports on IT industry, including Smart Cards, Big Data, E-sports and Information Security, having been provided to government departments, and becoming important references for relevant authorities of Chinese government to formulate industrial policies.

We are the sponsor of the Electronic Sports Sub-Forum of the World VR Industry Congress, which was attended by experts from six countries last year. This year's forum will be held in late October.

Setting Technical Standards for China's IT Industry

In the past 30 years since its establishment, we have organized member enterprises to formulate or participate in the formulation of more than 40 national standards for IT technology.

Launching Exchange Activities on IT Industry

In 2019, we have hosted more than 40 forums, seminars and annual conferences, of which 28 were held by more than 100 people. Nearly 10,000 people have participated in the above-mentioned exchange activities ,which helps enterprise units to understand the latest government policies, cutting-edge technologies and market trends, and to find partners and business opportunities. Among them, "Aerospace Informatization Summit" has been held to the ninth session, " Rail Transit Automatic charging Technology Seminar" has been held to the 15th session, "Court and Procuratorate Informatization Conference", "Asia-Pacific Retail Digital Conference", "Electronic Competitive Innovation Forum", "Information Security Forum" and so on have also became authoritative exchange activities of IT industry.

We also have two brand competitions: "Iron Man Triathlon of China Information Security Technology " attracts more than 1000 technicians in the field of Information Security every year, and "China Electronic Sports Innovation Competition" had attracted more than 10,000 competitors in the 2018 season.

Building the Ecosystem of IT Industry in China

n  In view of the rapid technological iteration of IT products, numerous product models and high degree of cooperation among products, we actively promote the compatibility and adaptation of technology, products and solutions among IT manufacturers at home and abroad.

n  In order to reduce the cost of building a compatible development and testing environment for individual  enterprise unit, we set up an adaptation verification base with relevant testing organizations.

n  We conduct compatibility and adaptation competitions to provide rewards and industrial financing opportunities for compatible development projects in application value with joint ventures and industrial parks.

n  Through technical training and interactive exchange activities, we help IT new technologies to form industry chain communities.

Maintaining the Business Order of IT Industry

By organizing member units to sign trade integrity conventions, we resist unfair competition, protect the legitimate rights and interests of enterprise units and IT users, and maintain fair and benign business order.


Services for Foreign

Services for Foreign Institutions and Enterprises

l In the past 30 years, we have established working contacts with many international organizations, and promoted the exchanging and cooperation between Chinese IT enterprises and foreign counterparts.

l  With our expert team and industrial data accumulated for many years, we effectively help foreign enterprises whom entering the Chinese market to understand China's industrial policies and market environment, and to find distribution and system integration partners.


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